Driving directions

How to find us?

On leaving the airport travel south (to San Jose del Cabo, not north to La Paz) approximeately 7 miles on Highway 1 (divided 4 lane – main highway to San Jose del Cabo).

As you approach San Jose del Cabo, there is a Pemex gas station on the left and a turning circle with a traffic light and signs above roadway that says „Cabo San Lucas (straight)/ San Jose Centro Historico (to the left)“. Go Left here!.

Also you can turn from Walmart or MEGA superstore, good landmarks to find your way. Local main bus station is also near Walmart!

Driving directions

PARKING – Always possible to find parking spaces along Av. Centenario



Local travel

Shuttle Bus /walking directions: The airport shuttle bus will drop you on Mijares Street near town square.

  • Follow Mijares to the town square (el centro).
  • With your back to the church you will be facing a row of shops and restaurants that line the sidewalk. Follow this sidewalk towards the parking lot and the Casa de la Cultura.
  • You will pass Casa Natalia and the jeweler Daniel Espinosa. Around the corner from Daniel Espinosa’s and DOWN the hill you will see our sign Senor Manana.


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