Driving from US

Driving from the States it is a safe and easy 3-4 day 1000 miles (1700km) roadtrip.

Two Major border crossings; Tijuana anda Tacate Crossing at Tacate tends to be a more peasant experience – not a big consequence either choice.

Approxamatly 1000 miles of peninsula from border to tip. This is not freeway driving but it is generally good 2 lane highway driving, all paved, no shoulder. This is a 3 day drive for the average driver. Just following the Higway nr 1. Be prepared to be stopped by military checkpoints around 8 times, just some small-talk and sometimes showing all the passengers ID documents and will be fine, they are for your safety.

Paperwork: Passport not required for US citizens, although always the best. Drivers Licence and original or notarized copy of birth certificate will be suffice for airplane. Proof of insurance, drivers license, birth certificate and multiple copies of each if driving. Car plates must not be expired and car has to have Mexican insurance.

At the border they will give you your travel visa about $23– do not forget to stop immediately on the border, later you have to park your car and walk back and not so easy to get back, but possible. It is possible that noone stops you on the border and you will find yourself quickly in Mexico.

Driving Mexico from US


If you plan to take ferry to mainland, then you can get vehicle import on the border or La Paz. Banjercito – Mexico’s Banco Nacional del Ejército Fuerza Aérea y Armada – is the government authority who issues vehicle permits. Vehicle import permits are needed if you travel outside of Baja or outside the border zones (generally further than 16 miles from the border) or outside the permit-free zones of Sonora.



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